2017-06-06 - Attended Sysupgrades

Within this years GSoC a fellow student tries to setup a new way to perform sysupgrades on LibreMesh Routers (and LEDE/OpenWrt in general). The idea is to generate sysupgrade images on demand with all manually installed packages included.

More details are shown in the official Freifunk Blogpost (english)

2016-10-06 - LibreRouter

The Libre Router project will design and produce a high performance multi-radio wireless router targeted at Community Networks needs.

For more info visit the librerouter web. Or read the guifi.net article (spanish).

2016-08-06 - Endorsement to LEDE project

The LEDE logo

We endorse the LEDE project and we plan to start basing LibreMesh releases on Linux Embedded Development Environment (LEDE) as soon as it will have a stable release.

2016-08-01 - Project Meeting LiMeCat2016q3

Naming: LiMeCat2016q3
Date: 2016-08-06T12:00+02:00/2016-08-07T17:00+02:00
Venue: CSA La Talaia, Passeig Mas Roig 52-54/ Rambla Jacint Verdaguer 215, FGC: Valldoreix (Sant Cugat Del Vall├ęs), Barcelona. Web site.

2016-04-13 - Project Meeting LiMeCat2016

Naming: LiMeCat2016
Date: 2016-04-16T12:00+02:00/2016-04-17T17:00+02:00
Venue: CSOA Matakrostes, Passeig de Sevilla 132, Valldoreix, Barcelona. Map.
Report: email in Spanish.